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Today's three-card spread is done with the Medieval Scapini tarot deck, a gift from my friend Josh last summer. I picked this deck because I promised to bring it to Lyndsay's place on Wednesday and I wanted to refamiliarize myself with it, and also maybe break it in a tiny bit, because it's still very stiff and shiny from only being used a few times. I mean, it's also shiny because it's covered in gold-leaf nonsense, but the stiffness is definitely because it hasn't been used enough.

Today I asked about health, or tried to, since I'm doing this reading while simultaneously soaking my foot and hoping I don't need another damn surgery (I had two last summer), but I don't think I managed to focus on that entirely while I was thinking, so this reading might also be in regards to "today, generally" or "the work situation."

The first card, the Past card, is here the Eight of Coins (Pentacles), The Work Card, which symbolizes Apprenticeship. So either my work has somehow been a significant aspect leading up to my foot getting all fucked up again--which is possible, as I think my pointy-toed work flats with no support are bad for my feet, and I really need to find some decent work flats--or I did indeed fuck up the question for this reading and it is about "today, generally," which has been a day devoted to fixing the work situation. As a work card, the Eight of Coins/Pentacles has a lot to say about studying, learning new skills, "A new job. . . . A new field of work," and as an advice card, it exhorts the querent to "learn all you can. . . Do your homework" and that wise money management and acquisition of computer/technology-related skills are important right now. I hope that I do indeed have "the opportunity to enter a phase of apprenticeship to develop your talents," because I am definitely feeling like I don't know enough stuff about stuff right now, and I'd really like to widen my field from all copy-editing all the time.

The second card, the Present card, is here the Three of Cups, Celebration, which in its upright position symbolizes "A time to rejoice. Having fun." In a health reading, it promises "renewed health and recovery," so hopefully that means my poor feets will be OK without surgery. (Not like I'd actually take a Tarot deck's word on that.) In work-related questions, it usually suggests a hobby rather than a career, although I am guessing it here refers to the piecework that NSight has gotten me for this week, which I think is a thing to celebrate. (Maybe it means both, and copy editing is on its way to being less the entirety of my work life.) I think it might be worth noting here that the Three of Cups showed up in my Celtic Cross over the weekend, as one of the three Threes, and another one of the Threes (Pentacles) showed up in yesterday's reading, so I seem to be on a real streak of Threes here. Threes, as I think I mentioned yesterday, embody growth, creativity, expansion, self-expression, that sort of thing. So to have the Threes continue showing up is a heartening sign.

The third card, the Future Possibilities card, is here the Queen of Coins/Pentacles. The Queen represents a focus on emotional/intuitive matters (Water) and the Pentacles suit represents a practical, materially-based approach to such matters (Earth). In addition, the Queen of Pentacles is my personality signifier card. My little book calls the Queen of Pentacles the Practical Manager, representing "A sensible approach," and she "signals success in business and financial matters" and calls for applying "practical, conservative measures to your own affairs," which is interesting compared with some other recent readings' calls for thinking outside the box and adding in extra measures of fire (passion) and the eventual triumph of intellect (air). Putting them all together, I guess I need to think hard and take risks but not take un-sensible risks. Which is kind of true for most things. Or perhaps I just need to be sensible and conservative for the rest of today. Meaning, I suppose, that I should go do my work for Stephen rather than goofing off the rest of the day or going and doing something fun like writing or reading. Le sigh. Work it is. 
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Yesterday I did two readings for myself, a five-card spread and then, feeling like I still wanted more, a Celtic Cross. I'm going to try to remember to do a reading every day for at least a while, probably only a one- or three-card spread for most days, maybe a larger spread once a week or so. We shall see if I stick with this.

Today's reading is a three-card spread. I used my Vampire Tarot deck, partly because it is my first and therefore the one that I feel is sort of the most "me" and that I am most comfortable using, plus it is the most "broken in" and therefore easiest to shuffle. It also matches the color scheme when I do spreads on my bed--the card backs are red and black swirlies and I have a red bedspread, and I do the reading on a black blanket.

Today's cards were the Three of Pentacles, the Six of Swords, and the Knight of Wands.

The first card is the past or leading-up card, which shows "some significant aspect of the thoughts or feelings leading up to the present situation," according to the book I use (I mainly rely on Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis). The Three of Pentacles, "A Job Well Done," represents the "beneficial use of talents." This strikes me as somewhat ironic, since the keywords for the card include things like "employment" and "professional growth," not to mention "high standards," which I have for myself but feel as if I have been not living up to, and apparently at least two persons calling the shots in large companies agree with me. In a situation, it says I will be "rewarded for doing a competent job," although it seems the opposite has happened, but perhaps the card is saying that things are not as dire as they seem--that things in the recent past have been going better than they look like from my current perspective. Idunno, a part of me really feels like, if this is going to be the first card, it should have been reversed--"lackluster performance," "job dissatisfaction," that sort of thing. It may be notable that this card also popped up in my Celtic Cross yesterday, along with two other threes (for a total of three threes) and an appearance by The Empress, who is Major Arcana III and affiliated with threes.

The second card, the one that "clarif[ies my] present state," is the Six of Swords, "Leaving Your Troubles Behind," which represents "brighter days ahead." I do hope so! The key words include "moving away from stress and troubles," although at least in the present I feel more like I'm moving into them. As a situation card, this card says I am "leaving behind a period of strain, worry, and anxiety," and as an advice card, it recommends that "This is a time to review past difficulties with an eye to assuring a better future." This sounds like extremely good advice for me about now.

The third card, the "future possibilities" card, is here the Knight of Wands, "Escape from Difficulty." In the court card system I learned back in ye day, this refers to a person who directs their energy towards practical and material issues (Knight, an Earth card) and approaches it in a passionate, ambitious way (Wands, the Fire suit). Perhaps this is saying I need to get more psyched up and think bigger and more passionately about managing the practical aspects of my life (such as, you know, employment). I do like that this card is in my book labeled "Escape from Difficulty"--that would be nice!--and it represents "Change is in the air" and "Creative energy." The keywords relate to new ideas, not settling down, big changes, adventure, that sort of thing. As a situation and advice card, it says that "perhaps you are changing jobs or residences"--hopefully both, soon!--and that "someone may present you with helpful business ideas." If anyone has any helpful business ideas, please do send them to me!

If there is a narrative thread to this reading it seems to be indicating that, in material matters, change is happening and the changes should be good if I can learn from my mistakes and be fully dedicated and creative. I suppose this is a time to think outside the box and take risks and all that sort of thing. We'll see how I do.
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I just checked my bank balance and almost had a heart attack. 

When did my rent get to be half my income? Rent is only supposed to be one-quarter of your income; a third at the most. My rent has gone up every year (or twice a year) since I graduated, and my hourly pay rate has also gone up a bit since my first job out of college, but somehow my weekly income has stayed exactly the fucking same.

Am doing the "praying to all the deities I don't believe in that I magically don't get laid off this time" dance again, where by "dance" I mean "having stress headaches."
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Having two jobs is getting old. I am getting a little tired of spending my Friday nights being all like "Woo, out of the office for the weekend! Now I can work from home!"

Add to this that my contract is almost up, and my life is basically "Do job #1, do job #2, job-hunt."

At which point my work ethic goes YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME, LADY and I just want to nap. And play Castleville.

Also, guess how much time this leaves for writing, which is what I actually want to be doing with my life? If you guessed "basically none," you are correct.

*has small pity party*

Alright, back to work.
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I have discovered I can get through my freelancing a lot faster if I put a movie on. It stops me from wasting time "multitasking".

Yesterday I watched most of Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring and today I finished it and watched all of Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. I put them on on the basis that they are the longest movies I own, and that I would be less distracted by something 'comfort movie' like that I had already seen a billion times.

This mostly worked, except that I am basically reawakening all my high school fangirliness that I had left behind for the past couple years to wibble about the new nerdy fantasy things. You guys, there are SO MANY AWESOME QUOTES in these movies. So many that I had forgotten most of them! And there are even more terrible in-jokes that I had with all my friends! Many of which were based on shit we found on the Internet!

I think next week I'll watch Notre-Dame de Paris, and then my brain will implode into period/pseudo-period silliness and fandom even worse than it did in April when every premium channel decided to premiere a new medieval costume drama at the same time.

Can I go to grad school for "becoming Tolkien"? Is that an option? Can I make my own program? It would involve linguistics, learning nine languages, medieval literature study, calligraphy, medieval history study, world religion and mythology, language construction, and creative writing. Final project is to translate, adapt and film a version of Beowulf (or another ancient epic) that doesn't suck.
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Okay, so when I started reviewing this particular pack of ebooks my client did say they were of "inferior quality" to some of the other ones, but even with the iffy writing in some of those, I was not prepared for stuff like this:

"GPS stands for World Positioning orbiters and is one of the most heady advancements in bailiwick for some distinct reasons. GPS was developed by the Federate States Section of Denial for soldier like applications, but it has quickly grown to state misused personally by the mundane mortal."

The only explanation I can think of is that this was originally written in a different language, run through an online translator, and put in the book without ever being looked at. "GPS stands for World Positioning Orbiters"? That does not acronym to GPS!

"Section of Denial" for what I assume means the Dept. of Defense just cracks me up, though.
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How is it this weekend already? Last weekend, I had an epic weekend, and was all like "I should definitely write about my epic weekend so I don't forget about it," and boom, now it's THIS weekend already. Wow.

Anyway. Last Friday, I went out to Worcester, rather late in the evening, where I watched the second half of Mirrormask at Josh & Keen & co's apartment, which is the one right above Bones & Flowers, the awesome pink occult shop. Then I slept over at Liz and Emily's apartment. Spider, a.k.a. Captain Underfoot, did not seem to care. Saturday morning, Liz and Josh and I got up early (like, same-time-as-we-get-up-during-the-week early) to don our garb. I was thrilled for an excuse to wear my Bride of Dracula nightgown again, and my beautiful red leather corset with the Kevlar panel, and all my other fun stuff that I have spent a somewhat unjustifiable amount of money on over the years considering how little of it I can wear on a regular basis. (In high school, this sometimes didn't stop me wearing it anyway, but alas, I am a grown-up now with a strict Business Casual dress code most of the time.) I also had what was intended to be a medieval-timesy sort of manicure:

Apologies if it is le blurry; it's an iPhone pic.

We did the fun ritual of going to a normal people establishment for breakfast and getting funny looks, then Liz got in her Cube and Josh and I got in the Black Pearl (I let Josh drive because I still hate having passengers for long rides) and we drove to Ansonia, Connecticut, of all places. My dad's family is from that Valley. Some of the family still lives in that Valley, namely, the ones I haven't spoken to in the longest. So I was all like "Ahhh I'm weirded out" because of voluntarily spending time in southern Connecticut, and then we found out that Liz was also going all "Ahhh I'm weirded out" because she used to perform at the other Ren Faire (that has since closed, but was trying to shut down Midsummer Fantasy anyway, and whoa is THAT a funny story) that used to be at Warsaw Park, when she was part of Phoenix Swords like eight years ago.

Pat let us in for free, since it is his Ren Faire and he can do that, so that was pretty awesome. And then pretty much the first thing that happened when we got inside the Faire was that I ran into Jacques ze Whippeur, whom I have not seen since we were in high school. Then we looked at all the shiny things the vendors were selling and starting spending unconscionable amounts of money, and ate unhealthy Faire food, and watched some (generally bawdy) performances, and were huge dorks, and general Ren Faire stuff. Jack's whip act has gotten a lot more sophisticated since MHS' talent show; it now involves fire. A bunch of other acts involved fire, too, and after the day Faire was over, all the fire-related acts got together and put on an evening show, which was an Improvisational Fire Show, which is one of the most unsafe things I have witnessed people do on stage (er, on chessboard?) in my life, but was also ten different kinds of AWESOME. (I counted.) Sadly, Liz had to leave before the improv fire show, but not before buying a chainmail thingy that goes around the shoulders but isn't a hauberk or a cowl (I can't remember the term). Josh bought a red-and-black leather pauldron with gorgeous ornate steel studding. Pat bought badass bracers from Lusty Leather, which is apparently his first step towards having real garb, which is weird since he owns a damn Renaissance Faire (which means he gets DISCOUNTS, the bastard). I bought... oh my goddess, I decided I wasn't going to buy any more articles of clothing, so I didn't; I just bought an ungodly amount of accessories--black and red, leather and iron, lots of skull patterns. A black and red leather beltpouch with skull-and-crossbones embossed into the leather. A Viking-style iron dragon ring and an iron dragon hairpiece to match my iron Thorshamar from Sweden (I also had a really awesome conversation with the blacksmith about Thorshamars [Thorshamaren?] and blacksmithing). A black-and-red-beribboned steel tiara with a skull pendant on it (to match my silver hair twist from the last Faire I went to). A boot dagger, now that I am a grown-up and no longer prohibited from spending my own money on pointy things. Between buying unnecessary shinies, food & drink, and tipping the entertainers (I tip generously to anyone willing to set themselves on fire for my amusement), I must have spent nearly two hundred dollars on Saturday. (I figure I can afford to do that... uhh... once every year or three.)

Speaking of drinks, I learned a new recipe at the pub. It's called a Beesting, and it's a shot of mead dropped in a glass of cider. It is hardcore delicious.

But perhaps the highlight of the day was the Crime & Punishment show, where I was accused of singing off-key and informed that I was to be put in the Iron Maiden until I confessed. The dungeonmaster (I honest to gods almost just wrote "dungeon maester") helpfully decided to show me how to properly get into the Iron Maiden by making the Sheriff demonstrate. Once the Sheriff was strapped down onto the one bed of nails and the other was laid on top of him, I was made to stand on top of the lot, so that I could understand exactly what was going to happen to me, but at that point the Sheriff retracted his accusation. (I suspect they picked me for this demonstration because I was one of the smaller people in the audience at that time. Sadly, I am still underweight, despite attempting to bulk up. The pictures Josh took at the Faire actually kind of worry me; I cannot tell if I have actually gotten that waifish or if the effect is exaggerated because Faire garb is so bulky, but I look like a twelve-year-old boy in my corset, and it's supposed to be a powerful corset.)

Anyway, here is an awesome picture of me standing on a dude in a portable Iron Maiden:

Yeah, so that was awesome.

Sunday I spent most of the afternoon proofreading, because I had taken work home due to the holiday, but it was actually pretty awesome, because I went down to the coffeeshop my new roomie Ellen works at and worked there while drinking chai lattes and feeling like a pretty hip artsy sort of hourly wage slave/pedantic punctuation minion, in my long black dress and iron jewelry. (I now feel compelled to wear ALL my iron jewelry ALL the time, because IRON JEWELRY.)

Monday was the 4th of July! I went back to Ellen's coffeeshop, where I actually got several pages of writing done for the story Liz and I outlined a while back, so that was productive. Then I hung out with a bunch of Ellen's friends and we ate hot dogs and drank gin and tonic before heading down to the river to see fireworks. We founds a good spot on a footbridge under the main bridge over the river by BU (sorry for the preposition overload). The rest of the group eventually split to try and find a better spot, but it's damn crowded by the river in Boston on the 4th of July before fireworks, so Ellen and I stayed where we were a drank more gin and tonic out of the tonic bottle ('cos we're classy). Fireworks didn't start til a ridiculously late 10:30 (what. the. HELL, Boston), so we ended up only staying for like the first twenty minutes, because tired and work in the morning.

Then it was back to regular work week. This week is apparently the busiest week of the year for real this time (as opposed to two weeks ago, which was also supposed to be the busiest week of the year), which is fine with me, because that means they bribe us to work overtime by giving us dinner.

I did do a very stupid thing this week, though: I ventured back onto the Internet long enough to learn that a large proportion of Like Totally Super Smart Rational Better-Than-Everybody Atheist Dudes (including, sadly, Richard Dawkins) cannot for the life of them figure out what could POSSIBLY be at all creepy or disrespectful about ignoring a woman for several hours of designated social time in a social space, waiting until she says that she is done socializing and is going to bed now, and then cornering her in a small windowless room whose doors only open at certain intervals at four in the morning and asking her back to your room for coffee. Seriously, what ISN'T creepy and disrespectful about that? Even if by coffee he actually meant coffee--can you simultaneously go back to your own hotel room and somebody else's? No. Can you simultaneously go to sleep and drink coffee? No. Ergo, SHE ALREADY ANSWERED THE QUESTION. People who continue to ask questions AFTER you've answered them are generally not my top choice of people to hold conversations with, since "able to follow speech" is my number one requirement for conversing, and I do not think I am alone in this. Anyway, apparently pointing out that this is not the #1 guaranteed Most Effective Strategy Ever for getting more girls to voluntarily decide to expend time, effort and money to attend your parties is HUGELY MEAN AND OPPRESSIVE AND IF I WANTED TO BE TOLD HOW TO TALK TO WOMEN I'D MOVE TO IRAN. (No, someone actually said that.) Like, dudes, pick a goal and stick with it. You have every legal right to be a raging douchebag. However, good fucking luck attracting anybody to your movement with "Atheism: It's Not Iran" as your fucking sales pitch. I grew up in the Catholic Church, which is one fucked-up institution, but it's not Iran EITHER. In fact, everyone who lives in the US is already living not-in-Iran! Richard Dawkins pulled some whiny "why-are-you-talking-about-X-when-Y-is-happening" concern troll move (and by the way, Mr. Super Brilliant Scientist, she was talking about this because THAT IS WHAT THEY ASKED HER TO TALK ABOUT, go bitch at the panel booker if you think it's not an appropriate topic) about how Western women should just shut up and be grateful--and, presumably, expend time and effort and energy and money actively physically attending atheist conferences and supporting the movement, since THAT WAS THE FUCKING TOPIC--because women in other countries have to suffer FGM. Of course, by that logic, I should ALSO shut up and be grateful and make sure I get my ass to Mass every single Sunday and donate to the collection plate at Church, because after all, the Catholic Church only told me I couldn't hold their most important job because I was a girl, they didn't actually mutilate me, which is the only thing that counts. But somehow, I do not think that is what Dawkins was advising me to do. Seriously, sometimes I wish I didn't have the Internet just so I didn't get sucked into hearing about this shit. (On the other hand, the Internet also provided me welcome brain and faith-in-humanity relief in the form of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, which involves actual rationality and not just semimystical intonations of "SCIENCE! RATIONAL! BIOLOGY! GENETICS! EVOLUTION! SSSSSCCCCCCCIIIIIIIEEEEEEENNNNNNNCCCCCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" like they're magic argument-winning incantations that will strike your enemies dumb and allow you to control their minds. If it doesn't work, chant louder!)


This weekend, I am going to relax and not spend hundred of dollars. My goals for this weekend are to get at least halfway through rereading A Feast for Crows, to go to the gym, and possibly to get some writing done.
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I am exhausted and working fifty hours a week and haven't hung out with anybody except my roommate in weeks, and I LIKE it.

Commute exhaustion seriously impairing my time/energy to go to the gym, though. Oops.

It really is amazing what liking my work will do, though. I read textbooks all day! And then 7 hours of it doesn't seem like enough "all day" for me (especially since it takes me forever to get there). I keep either staying late (last week I did an extra 5 hours in-office) or taking it home (this week I did an extra 6 hours out-of-office) and I would take more except I have to do ten hours of freelancing each week, too. And I love it. I have been not super great about my own writing projects (I will write for serious next week I SWEAR), but oh well.

Next week I get to house/cat-sit for my Dad's cousin, which coincidentally cuts my commute in half, so I am planning to take a week to really see how the "single cat lady writer" lifestyle fits if I ever make it to the point where I can afford to live alone. You guys, I will be SO PRODUCTIVE. I WILL WRITE ALL THE THINGS. Please throw things at me if I do not.
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This morning, I tried an Experiment!

My Experiment was to see if I can utilize some of the time I spend on the train each day to more productive ends than just reading, because as much as I like having three hours a day to read, it is resulting in getting through a LOT of reading and having no time left to review them, or do my freelance assignments, and also I end up checking my email in the evening and then whoops, all my time is gone and I didn't do anything else I was planning to do. So this morning I brought along my netbook to see if this trial they are running of free wi-fi in the train cars is any good.

For the record: I adore the notion of free wi-fi in train cars. For some reason I always associate train use with being somewhat old-fashioned, probably because most of the rail systems in the US were built like a hundred years ago and I think most of the train cars are at least as old as I am. Trains have become sort of a second-teir mode of travel since their golden age, and the commuter rail systems very clearly reflect last century's urban-and-suburban job structure, so I always associate trains with being in some odd way historical curiosities. Even though they are still being used. But anyway, trains with wireless Internet just seem sort of weirdly steampunky to me. Perhaps I am just completely bananas, though.

Anyway. I got online successfully this morning, answered some emails, and opened up LJ to do my review of Desert Queen. I wrote the whole thing, and then, in a moment of thoughtlessness, hit the “tags” button to add tags, which causes a pop-up box these days, and the MBTA's wi-fi is basic enough that that was a really bad idea. Attempting to open the fancy pop-up window took about ten minutes, during which time the tag window never loaded, I was just unable to access the regular posting. Had to shut the window and hope I could auto-recover before getting into Back Bay; alas, it only auto-recovered the first paragraph or so. So I decided I should probably just write the things in OpenOffice and copy-paste from now on. So I started draft #2 during lunch, and finished it on the train ride home, which is where I am now. I'll post it and add the links and tags and stuff when I get back to Worcester, I suppose.

But at least I know I can do some basic Internetting before and after work!

In other news, I looked at a sublet today, and I will look at another one tomorrow, and I think I may bring my regular laptop on the train for that so I can do some of my Elance reformatting work on that trip. I am trying to talk myself into finding it possible to go to the gym first things in the morning, too. Tonight, I am going to read silly fantasy and brainstorm my Brilliant Business Idea with Liz (I am not telling you what it is) and maybe even get some Elance work done if not being Busy for ten minutes starts to wig me out, which it might. I am sorry about yesterday's stress-bomb; I got to the bank this morning so I am sure it will all work itself out. I just need to keep busy and keep writing.

Also in the past few weeks, I read a book about ambition, read two vampire books, went to see Jane Eyre, and watched the first two episodes of Game of Thrones. I will review Game of Thrones eventually, I promise. Perhaps after the third episode.

Happy Friday!

P.S. I refuse to either rant about being sick of the Royal Wedding or make a joke about not being invited to it. I will only say this: Where was our media when Kronprinsesse Victoria of Sweden got married last summer? I had to go to Sweden to hear about it. I mean, do we like fancy princess weddings or don't we? Or would having subtitles on the TV give Americans hives?


Apr. 9th, 2011 10:05 pm
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Hokay, so:

Lately in life I have watched a lot of stuff about King Arthur and the Borgias, played a lot of The Sims Medieval with Liz, read a book on whales, been a huge dork about Jane Austen, gotten a job offer as a proofreader in Boston for the next three months, given Holly Black another shot and totally not regretted it, and bought a car. Well, I am halfway through the process of purchasing the car.

Next up, I need to find housing in Boston starting ASAP because commuting from Worcester will eat my soul and also my lease runs out in eight weeks anyway. Also, I will give another shot at doing a newsprint manicure. Will post pics if I don't bork it up this time. Also, really need to get some friggin' writing done.

Game of Thrones in ONE WEEK. YAY.
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Had interview today. Have two interviews tomorrow, one on Friday, and one on Monday. Also, I had two last week.

Now just for one of these to result in getting hired... *crosses fingers*
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All this job-hunting network-building selling-oneself business is bloody daunting.

Really need to write cover letters and actually apply for things this week... but I feel like I don't know what I need to know to do that, even. (Mostly salary stuff. I have no idea what's a reasonable entry-level salary for what industries in what locations... and I hate asking for money. I hate asking for money from people who already actually owe it to me, even.)

Also, learning to hate LinkedIn already, mostly because I seem to be failing to learn to use it properly. Sigh.

Tomorrow involves more of the fun bit, though--building a shiny grown-up-person wardrobe (and throwing away all the disintegrating faded crap that makes up my current one!).

Then I should probably start my comm paper that's due on Tuesday...

This entire idea of graduating makes me want to cryyyy. I could get promised a job as Queen of Awesomeness of the Universe, at a starting salary of a billion dollars a day to do whatever I thought was awesome, and I would still be pitching a fit at the notion of having to leave Clark.
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Apparently the reason I can't log into ET's staffmate program is because they are closed until March. Apparently this is a habitual thing, despite the fact that I was hired in February last year.

They couldn't have told me this before I quit my job at Hanover because I thought I'd only have time for one? Or, y'know, at all?

Job-hunting sucks. Job-hunting in this economy, in January, without a car, is going to be a bloody nightmare.

Am super not happy about this.
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Am glad the school year's starting soon, and that I get to go home for a bit in a week. Worcester's getting a little boring. Liz and I are being forced to actually get creative about how we're spending our evenings because there's not much to do and not many people to do it with. Yesterday we went to Michaels and bought stuff for making our own Tarot decks (also candymaking supplies (candymaking and drinking are an amazing combination, btw)). Am pretty sure this project will last us what's left of the summer, until more people show up and I can throw a dance party.

I also bought books recently, because I am incapable of not buying books, so I always have the option of sitting in my room reading and writing. Will probably do that today once am done with the mundane things I didn't do yesterday, like cleaning and trying to figure out how to get to this job interview on Sunday (it's in Northborough, I don't know if Worcester's public transit goes to Northborough, I hope it does, I can't bum a ride off anyone because the people with cars all also have lives, I want my car so I can have a life too, I sound like a broken record...). If I have to cancel or reschedule I'm going to be completely impossible to deal with until at least the 23rd.

In happier if ridiculously shallow news, I bought a pink shirt. JUST TO BLOW EVERYONE'S MINDS. It is, however, exactly the pink shirt you'd expect me to get once you get your head around me buying something such an unGothy color--it's a mottled pink girly-tee with a big black distressed Jolly Roger on the front, specifically PirateMod's Jolly Roger Evolution 1 design. Also bought their messenger bag, bringing the number of PirateMod things in my personal inventory up to 7. They're a little expensive, but options for classy pirate gear are limited, and I like to be classy. Also, any website that has an entire "PirateGoth" line was obviously created just for me, so it would be very ungrateful of me not to buy all their shit, yes?

These past two nights I've gone to bed after 2 am and woken up a bit before 9. How is this possible? Jon went away for the weekend without disabling his alarm clock, that's how. >.< At any rate, I'm going to go start being productive before the alarm shuts off by itself and the ensuing quiet (unless the church bells start up again) makes me want to go back to bed.

Edit: No buses, no trains, no one to get a ride from. Cab cost prohibitive. Am in singularly bad mood and may stay that way for a while. You have been warned.


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