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Am glad the school year's starting soon, and that I get to go home for a bit in a week. Worcester's getting a little boring. Liz and I are being forced to actually get creative about how we're spending our evenings because there's not much to do and not many people to do it with. Yesterday we went to Michaels and bought stuff for making our own Tarot decks (also candymaking supplies (candymaking and drinking are an amazing combination, btw)). Am pretty sure this project will last us what's left of the summer, until more people show up and I can throw a dance party.

I also bought books recently, because I am incapable of not buying books, so I always have the option of sitting in my room reading and writing. Will probably do that today once am done with the mundane things I didn't do yesterday, like cleaning and trying to figure out how to get to this job interview on Sunday (it's in Northborough, I don't know if Worcester's public transit goes to Northborough, I hope it does, I can't bum a ride off anyone because the people with cars all also have lives, I want my car so I can have a life too, I sound like a broken record...). If I have to cancel or reschedule I'm going to be completely impossible to deal with until at least the 23rd.

In happier if ridiculously shallow news, I bought a pink shirt. JUST TO BLOW EVERYONE'S MINDS. It is, however, exactly the pink shirt you'd expect me to get once you get your head around me buying something such an unGothy color--it's a mottled pink girly-tee with a big black distressed Jolly Roger on the front, specifically PirateMod's Jolly Roger Evolution 1 design. Also bought their messenger bag, bringing the number of PirateMod things in my personal inventory up to 7. They're a little expensive, but options for classy pirate gear are limited, and I like to be classy. Also, any website that has an entire "PirateGoth" line was obviously created just for me, so it would be very ungrateful of me not to buy all their shit, yes?

These past two nights I've gone to bed after 2 am and woken up a bit before 9. How is this possible? Jon went away for the weekend without disabling his alarm clock, that's how. >.< At any rate, I'm going to go start being productive before the alarm shuts off by itself and the ensuing quiet (unless the church bells start up again) makes me want to go back to bed.

Edit: No buses, no trains, no one to get a ride from. Cab cost prohibitive. Am in singularly bad mood and may stay that way for a while. You have been warned.

cab fare

Date: 2008-08-09 08:07 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I'll pay for the cab. Go to the interview!



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