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I am exhausted and working fifty hours a week and haven't hung out with anybody except my roommate in weeks, and I LIKE it.

Commute exhaustion seriously impairing my time/energy to go to the gym, though. Oops.

It really is amazing what liking my work will do, though. I read textbooks all day! And then 7 hours of it doesn't seem like enough "all day" for me (especially since it takes me forever to get there). I keep either staying late (last week I did an extra 5 hours in-office) or taking it home (this week I did an extra 6 hours out-of-office) and I would take more except I have to do ten hours of freelancing each week, too. And I love it. I have been not super great about my own writing projects (I will write for serious next week I SWEAR), but oh well.

Next week I get to house/cat-sit for my Dad's cousin, which coincidentally cuts my commute in half, so I am planning to take a week to really see how the "single cat lady writer" lifestyle fits if I ever make it to the point where I can afford to live alone. You guys, I will be SO PRODUCTIVE. I WILL WRITE ALL THE THINGS. Please throw things at me if I do not.


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