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Today's three-card spread is done with the Medieval Scapini tarot deck, a gift from my friend Josh last summer. I picked this deck because I promised to bring it to Lyndsay's place on Wednesday and I wanted to refamiliarize myself with it, and also maybe break it in a tiny bit, because it's still very stiff and shiny from only being used a few times. I mean, it's also shiny because it's covered in gold-leaf nonsense, but the stiffness is definitely because it hasn't been used enough.

Today I asked about health, or tried to, since I'm doing this reading while simultaneously soaking my foot and hoping I don't need another damn surgery (I had two last summer), but I don't think I managed to focus on that entirely while I was thinking, so this reading might also be in regards to "today, generally" or "the work situation."

The first card, the Past card, is here the Eight of Coins (Pentacles), The Work Card, which symbolizes Apprenticeship. So either my work has somehow been a significant aspect leading up to my foot getting all fucked up again--which is possible, as I think my pointy-toed work flats with no support are bad for my feet, and I really need to find some decent work flats--or I did indeed fuck up the question for this reading and it is about "today, generally," which has been a day devoted to fixing the work situation. As a work card, the Eight of Coins/Pentacles has a lot to say about studying, learning new skills, "A new job. . . . A new field of work," and as an advice card, it exhorts the querent to "learn all you can. . . Do your homework" and that wise money management and acquisition of computer/technology-related skills are important right now. I hope that I do indeed have "the opportunity to enter a phase of apprenticeship to develop your talents," because I am definitely feeling like I don't know enough stuff about stuff right now, and I'd really like to widen my field from all copy-editing all the time.

The second card, the Present card, is here the Three of Cups, Celebration, which in its upright position symbolizes "A time to rejoice. Having fun." In a health reading, it promises "renewed health and recovery," so hopefully that means my poor feets will be OK without surgery. (Not like I'd actually take a Tarot deck's word on that.) In work-related questions, it usually suggests a hobby rather than a career, although I am guessing it here refers to the piecework that NSight has gotten me for this week, which I think is a thing to celebrate. (Maybe it means both, and copy editing is on its way to being less the entirety of my work life.) I think it might be worth noting here that the Three of Cups showed up in my Celtic Cross over the weekend, as one of the three Threes, and another one of the Threes (Pentacles) showed up in yesterday's reading, so I seem to be on a real streak of Threes here. Threes, as I think I mentioned yesterday, embody growth, creativity, expansion, self-expression, that sort of thing. So to have the Threes continue showing up is a heartening sign.

The third card, the Future Possibilities card, is here the Queen of Coins/Pentacles. The Queen represents a focus on emotional/intuitive matters (Water) and the Pentacles suit represents a practical, materially-based approach to such matters (Earth). In addition, the Queen of Pentacles is my personality signifier card. My little book calls the Queen of Pentacles the Practical Manager, representing "A sensible approach," and she "signals success in business and financial matters" and calls for applying "practical, conservative measures to your own affairs," which is interesting compared with some other recent readings' calls for thinking outside the box and adding in extra measures of fire (passion) and the eventual triumph of intellect (air). Putting them all together, I guess I need to think hard and take risks but not take un-sensible risks. Which is kind of true for most things. Or perhaps I just need to be sensible and conservative for the rest of today. Meaning, I suppose, that I should go do my work for Stephen rather than goofing off the rest of the day or going and doing something fun like writing or reading. Le sigh. Work it is. 


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